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Experience a royal life in Victoria Xiengthong Palace

If you want to experience a royal life in Laos, do not hesitate to choose a Laos luxury travel in Victoria Xiengthong Palace which is an architectural masterpiece on poetic Mekong River. Xiengthong, Laos is one of Asia’s most beautiful towns. Located in the heart of Luang Prabang and surrounded by the famous golden temples in Xiengthong, Victoria Xiengthong Palace used to be the last residence of the Royal Lao family.

Victoria Xiengthong Palace

In the Morning, after enjoying breakfast at the hotel, guests can book a tour to wander around the city or have an adventure into beautiful forests and hills to explore the surrounding picturesque river towns. Everyone visiting Luang Prabang is also impressed by the beauty and the elegance of Buddhist temples together with the parade of monks. Experienced and trained tour guides of Victoria Xiengthong Palace will take visitors through a famous ritual of this kingdom. After that, visitors will be taken to the local elephant camp. If you prefer adventures and risks, it is advised to take a morning tour to adventure the depths of the jungle on a wild elephant’s back. Coming to the Land of Million Elephants, obviously, you cannot ignore to learn about these majestic creatures. The experienced tour guides of Victoria Xiengthong Palace will take visitors to the local elephant camp to visit and learn about the lives of elephants. It is totally more amazing when you see the elephant’s trainers and sometimes they can offer you a chance to bath beautiful elephants.

Victoria Xiengthong Palace

In the noon, tourists enjoy lunch at a restaurant near Mekong River. With spectacular views over the river, Mekong Restaurant is the best place to have lunch in Victoria Xiengthong Palace. With an extensive menu of local and international specialties, the restaurant will suit every taste with a wide collection of fine wines and food. After lunch, the tourists have two choices in the afternoon. Firstly, for those who love adventures, crossing the forest by bike, walking or sailing kayak boats will be the perfect choices. Moreover, you can also choose a journey of discovering Kuang Si waterfall. Here, you will have a perfect time to relax in the cool and peaceful water. Secondly, for visitors loving to discover the history and culture of Luang Prabang land, a full day or half-day walking tour will satisfy your curiosity. Visiting large temples and busy market areas, visitors are eager to discover the magic and charm of the town. Especially, nearby is the Pak Ou Cave which is famous for hundreds of Buddha statues. After visiting the cave, travelers can have a trip on a cruise and spend this wonderful afternoon in an extraordinary town.

Victoria Xiengthong Palace

If visitors do not want to book a tour, Victoria Xiengthong Palace will assist them to explore towns and surrounding country sides by bike. Additionally, the hotel also offers a variety of recreational activities for tourists to entertain.

At night, guests can arrive at Ayu Spa for relaxation after a day of exploring this beautiful land. The spa provides visitors with a comprehensive massage therapy in an Eastern style. The therapist of the hotel will help you relax both mentally and physically. Each treatment is tailored to each specific need to make sure that guests will feel relaxed after coming to Ayu Spa. If you like creating memorable experiences with your lover, Victoria Xiengthong Palace will help you to organize an intimate dinner in the beautiful garden or even in a romantic room. This definitely will provide travelers with memorable moments when staying here.

Victoria Xiengthong Palace

In Mekong Suite, each room has a separate bedroom with stunning views of the Mekong River. Rooms are furnished with large-sized bed, air-conditioning and heating systems for the winter, high-speed network connection, iPod and speakers, LCD TVs and free tea & coffee. With spacious terrace designs, visitors can indulge in beautiful views of the Mekong River – a perfect place to enjoy a romantic sunset on calm water river.

Victoria Xiengthong Palace

Along with Victoria Xiengthong Palace, please make your stay in Luang Prabang to be unforgettable. You will be totally impressed by the professional staff and well-trained tour guides, stunning views and incredible friendliness of people. Therefore, it is highly recommended for travelers to visit Victoria Xiengthong Palace one time in life to discover the best things, enjoy a loyal life and explore the beauty of this wonderful nation in a special way only in Victoria Xiengthong Palace.

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